Should women be allowed to defend themselves?

We teach our daughters to defend themselves.

When they do, should they be punished?

On March 11, 2017, 21-year-old Amber Joy Angelovic was the victim of a violent assault by a 32-year-old man with whom she was acquainted.

In defending herself, Amber first tried to reason and plead with the attacker. She then tried using the techniques she had learned during her previous self-defense training. But her 5′-5″ frame was no match for his significant height and strength advantage (approx. 6’3″ 200 lbs). Fearing death, she resorted to force that left the attacker with an eventual fatal injury.

The moment Amber was safe, she dialed 911. The police arrived, handcuffed her, and took her to the police station. She was arrested for homicide, sent to jail, and charged with murder.


Amber with Grandma Carolyn

Amber’s family and friends are in total shock. This bright, ambitious young woman – a straight “A” student who had just graduated from college 90 days earlier – a Christian girl from a loving family – was charged with murder because she refused to be a victim.


The fact that 20 families banded together to raise one million dollars ($1,000,000) cash for Amber’s bail is a testimony to her character.


Amber with her Mother

Over a year later, we continue to wait, pray, and hope for the best. In the meantime, crushing legal debt is piling up. By the time all legal costs are paid, Amber’s family could easily owe over a quarter of a million dollars.





We can’t fight this battle without your help. Send the message to women everywhere that they will not be punished for refusing to be a victim.

Amber with her Father

Expenses to date: $94,197
Contingent expenses: $25,000
Contributions from family & friends: $46,162
Still needed: $73,034

updated 8/27/2018




Your prayers, encouragement and support mean the  world to us!

Recent messages and contributions:
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8/20/2018 Brown Bolt & Nut Corp. donated $500

8/17/2018 Patrick Foote donated $50

8/11/2018 God bless and God speed!!! ~Sean Wiggins donated $50

5/25/2018 Sean Mast donated $20

5/21/2018 Sally Whitesell donated $300

5/1/2018 Your entire family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers daily. We consider it a blessing to make a contribution to Amber’s defense fund. We know God’s grace is sufficient to sustain you during this difficult time. We love you. ~Tom and Joan Moretz donated $500

4/20/18 Prayers for you all. ~Nitza and  Chris Falletta donated $100

4/9/18 We continue to pray for you all. It’s truly shocking the legal system in CA is doing this to you. ~Jennifer Galati donated $100

4/7/18- You are in my prayers. ~Barbara Carter donated $500

3/28/18- Lisa Schlesinger donated $300

3/19/18- David Flanagan donated $50

3/17/18- Marc Hansen donated $75

3/11/18- Prayers from Scott and Holly’s family. ~Chris Kostecki donated $20

3/4/18- Dear Amber, I had the pleasure of working with your father at Cubist. He is such a good person & always praised his children. My heart goes out to you & your family. I have prayed for peace & justice for you. God Bless, Laura Walsh donated $50

02/17/18- I have to say I don’t know Amber personally but I am very proud to know her fantastic and loving family. This kind of obvious injustice is sickening and I pray someone in control can stand up and acknowledge the truth of the situation. Good luck Amber, your supporters stretch further than you know. ~Mick Toner donated $100

01/19/18- We have and will keep you in our prayers. Charles Mills donated $25

01/05/18- Zander Angelovic donated $80

12/27/2017- Betsy Finn donated $100

12/18/17- Eric Squatrito donated $200

12/11/17- My prayers are with you and your family. Keep positive! ~Tom Girolami donated $1,000

12/4/17- Your daughter has been in our thoughts and prayers for months now. I have a daughter Amber’s age and can only imagine the horror of what you’re all going through. Praying that justice prevails and that somehow, unexpected blessings and peace will come of this. My heartfelt love and peace I send to you all. And hugs too! ~Erin Nuzzo donated $100

12/2/17- Nicki & Kent McDonald donated $350

11/28/17- Sending you my love and prayers.❤🙏🏻 ~Donna Gaddie donated $100

11/28/17- Hi Amber, We are all praying for you! ~The Ayoub Family donated $100

11/28/17- Keep fighting the good fight. ~Danelle Treguboff donated $100

11/28/17- I am so sorry to hear about this. I was a team mate of your dad in Junior All American Football. ~Andy Johnson donated $100

11/28/17- From friends of Kate and Sean – Blessings to you! ~Cyndia Morris donated $30

11/28/17- Praying that you feel God’s presence in this scary time and that you are freed of all charges soon. ~Ronnee Brown and Assoc. donated $100

11/28/17- Praying for an end to your pain ~Kris Hampton donated $20

11/27/17- Praying for truth and justice to reign supreme and for peace and God’s presence to be felt. ~Jason Askenaze donated $50

11/25/17- God bless you. ~Christen Lara donated $30

11/22/17- Zander Angelovic donated $100

11/09/17- Zander Angelovic donated $50

11/8/17- Chris and John Masterson donated $30

11/7/17- Mary Ann and Mickey Morton donated $100

11/2/17- Mike and Jean McElroy donated $500

10/27/17- Zander Angelovic donated $50

10/22/17- I met your dad today and he shared your story. I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through. I am praying for a very positive outcome for you in this situation and will continue to pray daily. ~Kendra Ouellette donated $50

10/17/17-Sorry that you guys are having to deal with this. 😕 here’s something… hope it helps! ~Shannon Cherry donated $20

10/12/17- Zander Angelovic donated $100

10/5/17- Zander Angelovic donated $100

10/3/17- May God be with you in this horrendous situation you are in and may justice prevail. ~Katherine Bennett donated $20

10/3/17- Heather Halliday donated $25

9/30/17- Shelly Henderson donated $50

9/30/17- I am a friend of Cherie Turner. I can’t believe the injustice of your story. I fully support you ~Marjorie Vecchio donated $75

9/29/17- Daniel Faulkenberry donated $20

9/27/17- Eric Hicks donated $50

9/25/17- You are on my prayer list. God grant you His strong presence. ~Sandra Snyders donated $50

9/24/17- We love you so very much and are standing with you every step of the way! ~ Dianne and Rick Whiting donated $200

9/22/17- Zander Angelovic donated $100

9/20/17- Sending many prayers to you and your family. ~Matthew Ledet donated $40

9/19/17- Bill & Patty Kelley donated $200

9/19/17- Anne MacArthur donated $500

9/18/17- Jason Salzetti donated $150

9/8/17- Love you Amber, I’m praying for you. ~Zander Angelovic donated $200

9/8/17- Boe & Diana donated $200

9/7/17- Flint Angelovic donated $100

9/7/17- Our hearts ache for you all and what you are going through.  Trusting that God will ultimately be glorified in and through this difficult time.  Its so encouraging to see the outpouring of love for your family!  We stand with them all as they stand with you!  Love you guys! ~David  & Holly Sherman donated $100

9/6/19- I was shocked and concerned when I heard about your situation. My family knows Skylar and Zander..and hope to meet you soon. Here is a small donation to help with your outrageous legal fees. We are praying for you. God bless ~Jon, Leslie & Jaylee Greer donated $100

9/5/17- Amber, our prayers are with you- all of us at Shoreline believe God will make all things new. In His name ~Tom & Nancy Fox donated $250

9/3/17- Gary Fearon donated $25

9/2/17- Jennifer Lloyd donated $100

9/1/17- Thank you for sharing your story and letting us be a part of it in this way. God is certainly with us, nothing can stand against. Love from Texas ~Evan & Matt Menendez donated $200

9/1/17- Amber, I can not image what you are going through.  We wish you the very best!  Stay strong, we are proud of you.  -Stephanie and Gary Worley, Santa Rosa Beach, FL ~donated $100

9/1/17- Pamela Gressier donated $25

9/1/17- Was your buddy at the Shoreline Self-defense class. Sending love and Prayers. ~Ms Carol Holly (Burke) Hawn donated $25

8/31/17- Deena Ellson donated $25

8/31/17- We’ve been praying and will continue to do so! ~Roger and Lisa Shacklett donated $50

8/30/17- Daniel Faulkenberry donated $25

8/30/17- Becky Snell donated $100

8/30/17- We are so sorry you are going through this. Prayers for you case to be dismissed and your hearts to be filled with His peace! God bless. ~Melissa Merritt & family donated $50

8/30/17- Amber, I am so sorry you have to experience this. I wish I could have been there to protect you. I would gladly trade places with you to know that you could be happy and successful with your life. I know that this is a true Job moment for you and God hasn’t abandoned you. Stay strong and keep your faith in the Lord. ~Eric Hicks donated $50

8/29/17- FlutterbyUniques donated $100

8/29/17-Kirsten Mcglynn donated $25

8/29/17-Amber, I don’t know you but I know and love Kate and with her behind you, all things are possible. My family will be praying for you. We are proud of your strength through an unimaginable tragedy. ~The Kiralla Family donated $200

8/29/17- You have been in my thoughts and prayers ever since I heard what happened to you. Praying for you sweet girl! ~Erin Buckingham donated $100

8/29/17- Kristen Foley donated $50

8/29/17- Natalie Ard donated $200

8/29/17- Cherie Andre donated $100

8/29/17 Bruce Dubois donated $50

8/29/17- Ashley Downie donated $5

8/28/17- The Lord bless you and keep you, may he make his face shine upon you and give you peace. Shawnee Marie donated $50

8/28/17- Sending love and prayers, confident in God’s goodness even in the most extreme circumstances. May every moment of this journey convince you all of His intimate care and attention. Psalm 91 ~Lisa Tuttle donated $50

8/28/17- Hugs and love to you. ~Ammie Gaylor donated $20

8/28/17-  Romans 12 shows me I’m “called” by God to honor Him and people with my every day life. This compels me to action for this beautiful family.  Amber, her mom Angela, and her dad Michael have been loyal friends of ours 12+ years. We love them deeply. We met within a month of planting the church. They immediately jumped in to serve every week at Shoreline. They stayed involved in just about every area of church life until they moved. Please join me in praying, encouraging and giving generously toward their family. They’ve sown the seeds of Romans 12 as long as I’ve known them. Today, they need to receive a harvest. Love you and fully support you in every way XO ~Eric and Darlene Partin donated $200

8/28/17-Our Love and Prayers are with you Amber!! We believe in you!!! ~Betty and Larry McNeill donated $300

8/28/17-Prayers from a Destin Family! ~Steve Kirby donated $25

8/28/17- Jessica Chaisson donated $10

8/28/17- Lynne Baker donated $1,000

8/28/17- Paul Tolbert donated $200

8/28/17- Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. God is able. ~Brian & Tracey Shepherd donated $250

8/28/17- May Abba give you strength as you go through this ordeal. ~Patricia Kaniewski donated $200

8/27/17- Carol Pratt donated $100

8/27/17- Sean Wiggins donated $50

8/27/17- Eric Davis donated $50

8/27/17- God uses the best of people to fight injustice. Prayers for strength, peace and Godspeed in being able to put this behind you. ~ Maria Piccolo donated $50

8/27/17- Every person deserves safety and the right to defend themselves when that is threatened. You are not alone! Praying for peace that passes understanding. ~Kara Garner donated $50

8/27/17- We’re sorry to hear you’re going through all of this. Sending love and wishes for a quick resolution. ~Paul and Cindy Ainger donated $100

8/27/17- Adam Belcher donated $100

8/27/17-  Hans Deuel donated $100

8/27/2017- God bless and you did the right thing. ~Charles Mills donated $10

8/26/17- Sending prayers and positive energy. You don’t know me well (Edison High School class of ’87) but I would hope for support for my daughter and any woman put in a similar situation. I’m sorry I can’t do more. ❤ ~Tori Ponder Brown donated $25

8/26/17- Translate Now, Inc. donated $15

8/26/17- My beautiful, smart, and talented cousin was recently a victim of violent assault and forced to do what she needed to stay alive. The reality of its outcome is leaving her and her family in great financial need to help cover the legal fees that I’m confident will soon lead to her proven innocence of rightful actions of self-defense.
Please click the link above to donate. I would appreciate your help in alleviating some of their financial stresses.
I also ask you to keep her and her family in your prayers. This is a situation I wouldn’t wish on anyone, especially a kind-hearted, smart, and God-loving 21 year-old. Pray specifically that the charges will be dropped due to lack of evidence and for clarity of thought and speech of the lawyer that is handling her case.
Pray for her family and that God will provide financially to help ease the burden of this already devastating experience. Pray for peace, wisdom, and provision.
Pray for Amber. Pray that God will instill peace in the most anxious parts of her spirit. Pray that she will only listen to God’s truths and distinguish them from the lies of Satan. Pray that she places her confidence and hope in Christ alone, not letting unwanted emotions overstay their welcome.
God has already proven himself faithful in this situation and I am confident He will remain faithful through its entirety. He sees the pain and hurt, yet promises to use it all for good. God loves His children and I know His heart is breaking over this tragedy. ~ Alexis Whiting

8/26/17- I can’t believe a California County is charging Amber Angelovic with murder because she defended herself against an attacker! Amber Angelovic grew up in Destin, went to our church and graduated from FSU. She is a beautiful sweet girl and a talented artist who has a bright future ahead of her. There is no motive. She had only known this guy 3 weeks. We now know he has a history of domestic abuse. It was self defense plain and simple, but they are pressing charges against Amber for murder, so legal fees are mounting and donations are desperately needed. ~Lisa Egstad

8/26/17- Amber is a personal friend of mine and I have known her ever since she was little. She has always been an amazing young lady with a great heart. To hear this happened and now she has to prove herself innocent, is so frustrating. ~Hunter Dawson

8/26/17- Read Amber’s story and it’s heartbreaking. Especially having a daughter myself. Sending a small contribution from the Mace family and a large amount of strength to your family and positive vibes for proper justice. ~Randy Mace donated $100

8/26/17- Jill Carlstrom donated $25

8/26/17- Keep your head up brave girl and keep fighting. ~Sonya Shepard donated $50

8/26/17- Heather Chaput donated $200

8/26/17- Colton Steele donated $50

8/26/17- Love and prayers ~Sherry Steele donated $250

8/26/17- Keep fighting and best wishes! ~Homage Style donated $20

8/26/17- To the Angelovic Family, our prayers are with you. It angers me to know that this beautiful family is going through this. We as a society need to stand up and say this is NOT ACCEPTABLE! ~Carmen Stiles donated $50

8/26/17- We support you, Amber, and know that you were defending yourself to save your life. You are a beautiful, sweet, caring, loving, talented, and smart young woman who has a testimony that God will use to help others in the future. We know that God will protect you every step of the way. Praying for peace, comfort, and patience as you wait for this tragic ordeal to be behind you. We love you very much!! ~Brenda Ingram donated $250

8/26/17- Hi Angela, I wish I could do more! I will continue to pray for your family. I am so sorry you all are going through this. ~Brittany Sexton donated $50

8/26/17- I personally know this family and cannot imagine walking through what they are experiencing right now. I can attest to the way this family has raised their kids; full of love, but also full of confidence and self respect. In a situation where what was taught and what needed to be protected was challenged, a daughter, a sister, a friend, did what only she knew to defend herself. Please consider helping this family fight for their daughter, for her right to defend herself. Whatever you would spend eating out this weekend, how about eating in and donating that amount to this family instead.  Angela, Michael, Amber….you’re covered in prayer and know how loved you are!! ~Esther Lynnae donated $25

8/26/17- Kathy Warren donated $25

8/26/17- Robin and Tim send prayers. ~Timothy Brogdon donated $25

8/26/17- Alice Toth donated $25

8/26/17- James Cumins donated $100

8/25/17- Frank Kilpatrick donated $100

8/25/17- Jacqui Greenlaw donated $25

8/25/17- Amber and family- We have been praying for you and believe in your innocence. Stay faithful and trust that God has a plan for you. You are loved and soon this nightmare will be over. I’m so sorry you all are having to go through this. It is unfair and unjust. I don’t know you but I know many of your family members. I’m so thankful our community is able to help and support in some way. ♥️Love and support! Stay strong and brave. ~Jennifer Cunningham donated $150

8/25/17- Athar Khan donated $25

8/25/17- Praying for Angela ~Albert Lopez donated $25

8/25/17- God bless all involved. ~Jennifer Cunningham donated $50

8/25/17- Dear Angelovic Family, Your Huntington Beach Community supports you and believes in Amber’s innocence! I will keep you in my prayers! God Bless you all and remember to stay hopeful and strong! The truth will prevail!! ~Love, Nicole Spanovich Privett and Family donated $150

8/25/17- Keeping you in my thoughts ~Deborah Dooley donated $40

8/25/17- Protecting yourself should never cost a dime. So much support and all the love is sent to you beautiful girl. Use this to empower others girls to defend themselves. You’re incredible and invincible. ~Natalie Melvin donated $300

8/25/17- Praying!❣ ~Karin Teeples donated $25

8/25/17- Praying for a positive result in this terrible nightmare. Sending love and hugs. ~Kerry Maunus & April George, Turkey on the Table LLC donated $1,000

8/25/17- I’m a friend of Kristy Lambert and I have a 25 year old daughter. I can’t believe that are going through this and as a parent of a young woman I can’t imagine the trauma. Stay strong ~Kathleen Howell donated $25

8/25/17- Harriet Miller donated $25

8/25/17- Jacqueline Rogers donated $50

8/25/17- We are standing with you in prayer. Amber is so special to us as we watched her grow from youth days into the amazing young woman she is today. We pray that those in authority on her case would clearly see self-defense and drop any charges against her and also pray for strength, wisdom, stamina, resources and favor for you all during this hard time.  We love you guys and our hearts are with you! ~Hillary Fosdyck

8/25/17- Praying that justice will be swift and the burden will be lifted. God bless. ~Tim Mattox donated $50

8/25/17- Lynn Bischoff donated $50

8/25/17- Hoping for the best. I can’t possibly fathom what your family must be going through. Stay strong and full of hope. ~Todd Novak donated $50

8/25/17- Lena Wermich donated $200

8/25/17- David Ayers donated $100

8/25/17- Paul Connet donated $100

8/25/17- For you and all women who deserve the undeniable right to be safe. Holding you and your family in light. Hold the course. My daughter is 16 at HBHS and is a fighter, passionate, intelligent and most of all loving. Thank you for getting the word out so we can all assist. ~Donna Dyer donated $50

8/25/17- Nancy A. donated $100

8/25/17- Becky Ingram donated $100

8/25/17- Tricia Lindquist donated $150

8/25/17- I’m glad your family found a way to let us all help! I’ll pray for you and your brighter future Amber! ~Jennifer Galati donated $100

8/25/17- We are PRAYING💟🙏🏼✝ ~Victor Makela donated $100

8/25/17- Praying..Praying..Praying… ~Jennifer Wilson donated $100

8/25/17- Amy Sherlock donated $50

8/25/17- April George donated $500

8/25/17- Beth Hart donated $500

8/25/17- Tricia Pimental donated $100

8/25/17- Hoping for a speedy, positive resolution! Steve Monnot donated $100

8/25/17-  Praying for your family! I know God will fight the battle for you; you need only be still. Be strong and courageous for the Lord is with you wherever you go! ~Kimberly Wolf donated $40

8/25/17-  Flint Angelovic donated $100

8/25/17- Praying for you and your family ~Vanessa McLearen donated $100

8/25/17- Psalm 121 ~Jim Tolbert donated $100

8/25/17- Ruth Tick, Florida Assoc. of Legal Document Preparers donated $100

8/25/17- Brik Johnstone donated $50

8/25/17- “Entrepreneur” donated $10

8/25/17-  Audrey Galaz donated $100

8/25/17- Sorry it is not more. Will share. ~Paul Rice donated $40

8/25/17- Scott Shaver donated $100

8/24/17- I’m praying for your family! This must be so tough but I know God is bigger than all of this! He will provide for what you need and His provision will prevail. Lots of love to your family♥️ ~Jennifer Sheets donated $100

8/24/17- Amber, we love you so much and we pray every day that the truth will come out and show that you are innocent. We’ve known you since the day you were born and we know the character you have. Your kindness, loving spirit and compassion will come to the surface during this difficult time. Our family loves you so much. ~Love, Kate, Greg, Patrick, Sean and Bridget donated $1,000

8/23/17- We are thinking of you guys daily and praying that this case will be dropped.  Take care of yourself as you continue to hold others up.  🙏🏼❤ ~Stacey Martin previous donor

8/19/17- I’m continuing prayers and really understand the emotional toll this must have on Amber, Michael, you and the entire family.  It makes my heart heavy. I will pray for financial help for you as well as strength, love and light to get you all through this. ~Kerri Ann Manning

8/19/17- So hard to be patient when so much is at stake. I am praying for you all. Know that God is in control, and he loves Amber even more than you do, and has a plan for her life. He will work it out for her good and His glory. Love you so much! ~Lena Wermich

8/16/17- You have a loving family, an excellent lawyer, and truth on your side. ~Dick & Teresa Kelley donated $1,000

8/14/17- Jim & Cece Murphy donated $500

8/7/17- Just know we are all so concerned and love you all so much! ~Sally Whitesell donated $250

7/17/17- R. & B. B. donated $100

6/29/17- Sharon Johnson donated $500

5/30/17- Beth Bonzo donated $1,000

5/19/17- E. S. donated $100

5/17- I want you to know that I am praying for you daily, and I have asked all my prayer warrior friends to do the same. God can change the hearts and minds of kings, and he can certainly change the heart of a judge as well. Remember, God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think, Eph. 3:20 ~Lena Wermich

5/12/17- Dan & Carolyn Croom donated $300

5/5/17- We are praying for the judge to dismiss all charges. We are praying that each morning when you wake up, you feel God’s presence and know that you are not alone in this world….The generosity of your grandparents to us over the years has meant so much to us and we are inspired by them to do the same. We are happy and honored to be able to help you in your time of need. ~Bob Kelley & Barb Billinghurst donated $5,000

5/1/17- John & Stacy Martin donated $200

4/29/17- Amber, my heart hurts so much for you right now. I’ve known you since you were a little girl and it’s unfathomable that this is happening. Please know that our family loves you, that we are believing the best, and that you’re in our constant prayers. Stay strong. ~Lori Saczynski

4/27/17- B. F. donated $500

4/23/17- My heart goes out to you. I cannot begin to know the heartache you are going through. You are not alone. Though not with you, we are there. Please accept this prayer shawl as a reminder of those that love you and are praying for you. I am a member of Daughters of the King. Part of our vows are to pray daily. All 42 of us pray for you and Amber, and your family-daily. Love to all ~Dar Justice

4/13/17- J. T. donated $150

4/12/17- Oh my, what an ordeal and nightmare for you and your family. We know you Amber, and we know your sweet spirit and character. We are all so very proud of you. God has great plans for your life. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Amber, there is no doubt in my mind that the Lord will bless you, give you hope and deliverance. He will restore your joy! ~Betty McNeill

4/12/17- Fr. M. A. donated $900

4/12/17- We want you to know that we have been praying for you constantly ~Tim & Tecla Baker donated $250

4/12/17- Please know you are in my prayers and although miles separate us you are in my thoughts during this difficult time. Sometimes in life we experience big storms that at the time seem insurmountable and overwhelming. You must not lose hope and you must keep up the fight. If there is anything at all that you need please let me know. I will pray that God watches over you and gets you through this time. I know it’s hard to believe right now but you can get through this. ~Charles T.

4/11/17- Cherie Turner donated $500

4/11/17- Amber, I’m praying specifically for a quick resolution, but also that you maintain hope and strength…Please know you have a whole community quietly praying for you on a daily basis. I pray you stay strong in hope and peace. ~L. H.

4/6/17- Dale & Roynette Brown donated $1,000

4/4/17- We are praying God pours out his peace on your weary souls. ~T. & P. N.

4/4/17- Jeff Howell donated $2,000

4/4/17- I love you beyond words, and my heart breaks at the situation you are in. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. You have so many people that love you unconditionally, and a God that loves you through eyes of grace…I am praying for some big miracles on your behalf, but I know it can be done…You are so loved. I support you. I am praying for you. ~Alexis. Whiting

4/3/17- We so much believe in you. It is said “tough times make us tough.” When you come out of this you are going to be steel. You are in our prayers daily ~Gary & Karen Adkins donated $500

4/3/17- C. R. donated $200

4/3/17- The Lord is not only our savior, he is also our anchor in the hardest of times…He sees every tear, and through prayer, we will be victorious. ~P. C. donated $100

4/3/17-  I am sure it is hard to see or feel the blessings, but rest assured that they are there. God has a plan for you and a purpose for all that you are going through. ~Lynne Baker donated $1,000

3/30/17- Steve & Sue Denson donated $2,000

3/27/17- Keep the faith gal! Wish I could cover all of it. ~Lana Wagner donated $2,000

3/25/17- Amber, you are not alone, have confidence that we love you. We are beside you as you lean in and press on God our father who loves you beyond measure. I am with you and your parents that “Our God is an awesome God”. ~ J. & P. S.

3/21/17- L. H. K. donated $2,000

3/20/17- Please know that even though our families are states apart, we still support you and will help in any way we can. ~Mackenzie Gray Gorman

3/18/17- My precious Amber, words cannot express how much I love you! My heart is heavy for what you have been going through. However, how great is our God! I am so thankful that he has been with you in every moment. I am so proud of you to hear that you are singing and quoting scripture of His truth and power. There is an army of prayer warriors standing by you, interceding to our Lord and Savior on your behalf. I will not stop, and I will support you in the days ahead. I love you along with so many others! ~Dianne Whiting

3/17/17- You guys have a huge support group….we will hold you up through this entire journey. Your family is so special and loved! ~Brenda Ingram

3/15/17- I really love your family and have a broader sense of who God is by watching you guys navigate life’s challenges. Your family is precious. I want you to be confident that your impact on others has paved a way for this season, to have the prayer coverage and relational support that you are in need of at this moment. ~Darlene Partin

3/15/17- Dearest Amber, I keep coming back to knowing exactly who you are, and wanting you to stand firm in who you are as well. You are confident, strong, smart… you are someone who loves the Lord and believes He will be there for you in your time of need. You are a person people believe in, you are honest and hardworking…know we are all here loving and supporting you. ~ Beth Hart

3/14/17- We love you Amber, and with God’s help this will soon be over. ~ Tom & Nancy Angelovic

3/14/17- Amber, we are so sad that you are going through all of this. We love you so much, and anyone that knows you or our family is praying for you. We can’t imagine how hard this must be. Please consider Philippians 1: 18-19 “I will continue to rejoice, for I know that through your prayers and the help given by the spirit of Jesus Christ, what has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance.” Amber, this might not be the result you envisioned from this terrible circumstance you are going through, but many people are being drawn closer to the Lord, some for the first time, because of this. Stay strong and keep praying. We love you so much. ~Greg & Kate Angelovic